Presenting Aviation Properties and Aircraft

Featuring this Well Equipped and Incredibly Clean 340A!:

—Garmin 530W and 430W —Beautiful Panel and Interior!
—Always hangared and well maintained!

If you are thinking of buying or selling an aircraft or a hangar, Steve Woolstenhulme has the experience to help you with the process. A Nevada licensed real estate agent and an ATP rated pilot with LR-JET type rating, Steve has been deeply involved in both real estate and aviation for many years.


Chris Benham works with the Las Vegas office as well.  With a strong background in exotic machines from fine cars to luxury aircraft, Chris has the skill and perseverance to bring your transaction to a successful conclusion.


Why use a broker?


While placing an ad in an aviation publication like Aviator's Hotline or posting a notice on-line at is relatively straightforward, few owners are prepared for the ensuing telephone calls and emails. Prospective purchasers need to be evaluated and weeded out. Aviation has always attracted tire kickers, dreamers, and hopefuls. I've spent many hours ferrying around prospects who were going to buy that Pilatus just as soon as the Big Deal closes next month!


As a professional intermediary I can ask the hard questions and get the answers you need as a seller--proof of funds or financing prequalification, pilot credentials, etc. I have learned from hard experience to set up strict guidelines as to demo flights, prepurchase inspections, escrow, title transfer, etc. While you may successfully sell (or buy) without a broker, it will be a learning experience and even a slight oversight may cost you far more (in money and possibly in aggrevation) than the commission.


Give me a call today. I am always happy to discuss your questions, concerns, or ideas.


— Steve Woolstenhulme